We at Creative Minds were thrilled to hear that the theme for this year’s Care Home Open Day is celebrating the arts in health and social care.  Creative Minds has been delivering fun and therapeutic art sessions for over six years and our whole ethos is based around empowering people through art and creativity and making art accessible for everyone.


Our art sessions enable the participants to explore their creativity and experiment with a wide variety of art mediums and materials. The art sessions have many proven benefits for the participants such as boosting their self-confidence and esteem, they’re therapeutic, stimulating, socially inclusive and improve their dexterity and motor skills. Creative Minds art sessions allow people to express themselves through the creative process, explore various art mediums and art forms and experiment with a huge variety of techniques and processes.


Many CM Artists are working with clients on projects in preparation for Care Home Open Day such as CM Artist Jess, based in Leicestershire who is working with homes to create all of the national flowers of the Commonwealth countries using wool, felt and buttons. For the Open Day she is planning a project in partnership with a local musician to create music-themed art.


Last year CM Artist Hanna worked on a fun project at Snowdrop House, Ware to create a vast in-house seaside scene, complete with a giant photo booth for fun beach-side photos for people to take away from the day.


Back in 2017, residents at The Lawns, Weymouth embraced the “friendship” theme with 'sharing a cuppa' making a mug tree and accompanying giant teapot with CM Artist Sarah Jane. They loved working together on this collaborative project – one resident personally thanked CM Artist Sarah Jane to say how much fun she had and how participating in the project really helped her to concentrate.


Many Creative Minds artists have set up galleries and exhibition spaces in Care Homes to showcase the work created during sessions. Not only do these creative spaces brighten up areas, but they provide residents with a sense of pride and achievement. Residents, staff, family and visitors enjoy admiring the artwork on display and we have many reports on the benefits they bring to the homes.


In 2015 Appleby House decided to open their own Art Gallery called Appleby Tate, which was officially opened by the mayor and mayoress of Epsom. The displays are regularly changed to showcase the stunning selection of the resident’s artwork and the exhibition space is a huge hit. “We have seen an increase in wellbeing for the residents and staff.” Shona, Manager at Appleby House Care Home.


As well as this, CM Artist Kim is now officially an ‘Artist-in-Residence’ at Appleby House where she runs a studio in the home. Residents can drop in and explore their creativity at any time. Kim offers a variety of different artistic materials including acrylics, watercolours, pastels, drawing and inks for residents to enjoy, in a fun and relaxed environment. Work created in the studio is proudly exhibited in Appleby Tate for all to enjoy.


Murals are also becoming a popular way for artists to work with residents to display the art they create. Last summer, CM Artist Susannah painted this lovely tree on the living room wall at Tilsley House Care Home in Weston-Super-Mare. Since then, during her regular art sessions at the home, the residents work on different woodland creations to add to the scene, which changes through the seasons.


Zoe, Manager of Tilsley House says; “This really brightens up the lounge and residents love admiring each other’s creations. They love the personal touch of seeing their own artwork hung up, and enjoy identifying the seasonal elements of the display.”


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